At our ForwardSG conversations, young Singaporeans like you shared their opinions and concerns about the future and the kind of Singapore they want to live in. These views were heard and addressed during Budget 2023.

Do you know what these announcements are and how youths’ views are being addressed? If you(th)ink you do, take our quiz and find out how well-informed you are. ☺


Mid-year exams for Junior College and Millennia Institute students will be gone by next year.


Do you think our obsession with grades will stop?

Online Harms

A safer online environment is coming soon with the Online Criminal Harms Act.


Which area(s) of online harms concern you most? Select all that apply.

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Youth Development

More youth leadership programmes will be developed by NYC for secondary school and Madrasah students.


A youth leader is more than just a top-scorer in exams. Rank the qualities that all good youth leaders should possess.

Spent at least 1 year volunteering to help others.

Initiative and charisma.
Starts ground-up initiatives and rallies youths to get involved.

Confidence and courage.
Calls out societal issues without fear of being cancelled.

Boldness and vision.
Charts a life and career that differs from traditional views of success.

Book smarts.
A trait that never goes out of style.

What qualities do you(th)ink today’s youth leaders typically lack?

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Youth Minister Edwin Tong announced a new programme to involve youths in policy making, and even pass their ideas in Parliament.


How important are these factors to the success of this new programme? Rate them below.

Interest across ministries.
change cannot be achieved alone

show that youths’ views are seriously considered.

structured to account for school work and commitments.

Dedicated platform
set up to champion youth-related issues.

focused effort to include students across all educational levels.


Parents and young married couples will have better chances of getting a BTO or Sale of Balance flat. 

Do you(th)ink it’s right for HDB to prioritise them?

Tell us more

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Stricter penalties will be imposed on couples who do not select a BTO flat after balloting.

How much do you(th)ink the penalties will help genuine BTO applicants?

What other measures do you(th)ink HDB should consider?

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Cost of Living

Yummy & wallet-friendly meals will be available in all HDB coffee shops by 2026


If you get a budget meal (without drink) for lunch at a coffee shop, you’ll pay no more than:


Which 2 dishes would you like to be offered as budget meals?